Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tanks A Lot

"British soldiers have named a tank after Alice Faye. No doubt the Tommies meant it for a compliment, but in good American the connotation is dubious". (Film Fun, 1941)

I have to say Alice Faye is one of my favorite actresses. I'm 100% sure the Brits meant the naming as a compliment - and didn't mean Alice is as big as a tank. She's gorgeous for heavens sake! And that voice of hers just liquid gold. Lots of stars have things named after them - from Ann Sheridan and her Oomph slippers to Mae West and her life vests.

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Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

I've not been to visit for a while but have just looked at many of your recent posts and I have to tell you they are so interesting! There are a few matinee idols I hadn't heard of but most are familiar and your articles are super. Thanks for all your research...love it!

I'll be away on a brief vacation for a bit but be sure to check back on Pink Saturday for my GIVEAWAY! (I won't be back but I've scheduled this post ahead of time!)

Take care and keep on posting!


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