Monday, August 23, 2010

Orson Welles Does Not Want Credit

"Orson Welles wants it known that Mr. Dynamite was not written, directed, or produced by Orson Welles." (FIlm Fun, 1941)

I'm assuming that Orson thought this film was bad. I have not seen the film myself, and it appears to be somewhat obscure. It does not even warrant a summary on TCM. For what's it's worth the film was written by Stanley Rubin, Directed by John Rawlins, and Produced by Marshall Grant. From Universal in 1941, this thriller B film stars Lloyd Nolan, Irene Hervey, and J. Carrol Naish (whom I adore in OTR's Life With Luigi). It sounds like a fun thriller. Lloyd Nolan plays Tommy N. Thornton, aka Mr Dynamite, who is a dynamite baseball player. He follows a girl, Irene Nesbitt, into a theater. When the show is over, she's next to a dead man. Nasty characters become involved, and for some reason Shemp Howard as a fortune teller. I guess it's just one of those films I'll have to keep my eyes open for.

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addie said...

No,No, No, It is pretty alright and very entertaining.
It is a good,'B,' mystery. If you like those movies, which I do (with my whole heart) then you will enjoy
this movie, no problem!
I do not know what Orson was on about, this is not Shakespeare, but it is better than some of Orson's work (not the early work-I admit), the snooty-head and anyway Lloyd Nolan is always worth watching! I will say, however, there are things in this movie that will not knock you over with how realistic they are. lol
It is not a thriller, it is a mystery/adventure, with a little baseball thrown in to the story.
Shemp has a cameo, that is pretty funny, as a mystic that Lloyd Nolan and Irene Hervey are running past, while being chased by potential killers.



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