Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tough Assignment: One Foot in Heaven

Tough Assignment: It's comparatively easy to find locations for highways that lead down in Movietown, but the Warner Brothers aerial location scout had a heck of a time finding a mile-high cloud band for the forthcoming production, One Foot in Heaven.

One Foot in Heaven, released in 1941, stars Fredric March, Martha Scott, Gene Lockhart, Beulah Bondi, and Laura Hope Crews. It follows the struggles to be relevant in the 20th century of Minister William Spence (played by Fredric March) and his wife Hope Morris Spence (played by Martha Scott). Set in 1917, it sounds like a sweet picture. Anyone wanting to check it out, it is playing October 12th at 1am est on Turner Classic Movies.

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Tom said...

This scene is the reason I love this movie! Now I have a taste for one of those chocolate sodas - Yum!


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