Saturday, August 28, 2010

Is Horace McNally the next Big Thing?

"There's a newcomer at M-G-M who's said to look like a combination Clark Gable and Cary Grant, but not like Taylor. His name is Horace McNally. But what we'd like to know is, is he good" (Film Fun, 1941)

Stephen "Horace" McNally (July 29, 1913 - June 4, 1994) gave a a career as an attorney to become a B player. Horace is probably best known for his role as Locky, the man who rapes Jane Wyman's character in Johnny Belinda. Horace was active as an actor from 1942 until 1980. Some of his better known films include: Johnny Belinda, Winchester 73, Now Way Out, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, and The Harvey Girls.
On the personal side, he married Rita Winrich in 1941 and stayed married his entire life. They had a whopping (by today's standards) 8 children. As one of ten, this is normal to me :)

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Matthew Coniam said...

Air Raid Wardens with Stan and Ollie AND Apache Drums, one of the very few westerns I love...
that makes him OK with me.
So in answer to your question: yes, I'm predicting big things for this fella.


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