Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wayne's Bubbles Pop

"Wayne Morris says emphatically that even though his mother-in-law desires it, he and "Bubbles" Schinasi will not reconcile." (Film Fun, 1941)

Wayne Morris (February 17, 1914 - September 14, 1969) started out playing college football and working as a forest ranger. He went back to school to study acting, and was discovered by Warner Brothers while acting at Pasadena Playhouse. Wayne loved flying and became a navy flier in the Pacific Theater of World War II in 1942, earning four Distinguished Flying Crosses. Playing mainly the boy-next-door, he appeared mainly in B Westerns. Some of his more well known films include: Kid Galahad, Brother Rat, and Paths of Glory.

Wayne married Leonora "Bubbles" Schinasi, stepdaughter of tobacco baron Leon Schinasi when she was 18 years old. Wayne and Leonora were married only a year (1939-1941), but had 1 son, Michael. Both would remarry. Wayne would marry Patricia O'Rourke on February 25, 1942 and would stay married to her until his death at age 45 from a heart attack. Leonora would marry producer Arthur Hornblow (former spouse of Myrna Loy) in 1945 and stay married to him until his death. Leonora also became an author, writing several children's books.

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