Saturday, January 23, 2010

What 100 Stars Want in 1956 - William Bishop

William Bishop was born July 16, 1918 in Illinois and died October 3, 1959. He started out at MGM and later worked freelance for Columbia pictures. His first credit was in the classic Song of the Thin Man. His last role was opposite Fred MacMurray in The Oregon Trail (1959). Anyway, here are William Bishop's 3 Wants for 1956:
  1. I'm tired of living alone. Personally, I would like to meet the gal who will put the proverbial ring around my nose.

  2. Our series on TV, "It's a Great Life," seems to be going well, so professionally, I wish 1956 would find me finding enough time to do some of the wonderful film roles I've been offered.

  3. As a citizen, I hope for more advances in medicine. It will be wonderful when they can cure such diseases as cancer.

It's a Great Life was an early TV show about two ex-GI friends rooming together in a Southern California boardinghouse. The sitcom aired in syndication under the title The Bachelors. William Bishop played Steve Connors for the entire fun of the show. It only ran from 1954-1956, so unfortunately it didn't work out for William.

As far as I can tell, none of poor William's wishes came true. Ironically he died of cancer at age 42 in 1959. Not bad looking either. I wouldn't have minded if he "put the proverbial ring around my nose"!

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