Sunday, July 25, 2010

What 100 Stars Want Most in 1956 - Donna Reed

I think most of us have a soft spot for Donna Reed (January 27, 1921 - January 14, 1986). The perfect mom, and just wonderful as Mary in It's a Wonderful Life.

"I'm the girl who's never been to Europe. I have a wonderful husband, healthy and happy children, so it's kind of silly to ask for anything more. But, just the same, I personally want to go to Europe in 1956 and I hope either a vacation or a picture takes me there."

"My husband, Tony Owen, and I have our own production company now. Our first picture is tentatively called Mombasa, and - I hope! - it will be filmed in Africa. Since we've invested our own money and time and hopes in our success. As for scripts and stories, I wish I could find one truly great love story."

Amanda's Comments - This was made and became 1957's Beyond Mombasa starring Cornel Wilde and Donna Reed. Gotta love a tanked up monkey!

"I guess this is getting pretty political, but as a citizen, I wish Ike would run again!"

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