Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ann Harding Needs to be Drowned Out

While Madame Sylvia was under contract to Pathe studios, she was housed in a stucco shack. It was affectionately called "The Torture Chamber" (for obvious reasons).

Actress Ann Harding is one of the reasons the building was christened "The Torture Chamber". Ann's husband Harry Bannister would be present at all of Ann's treatments to help out. Ann was much more vocal than any of Madame Sylvia's other clients when she was receiving her massage treatment.

Harry Bannister and Ann Harding

Ann's husband Harry would stand outside the "Torture Chamber" and smoke nervously. He would come in and make Sylvia stop the massage if he heard Ann cry out.

Ann Harding's screaming bothered everyone who walked by or had offices near the "Torture Chamber". Because of this, a radio with a loudspeaker had to be installed in the shack to drown out poor Ann's screams. The things we do for beauty!

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Lucy said...

Yes, what we do for beauty and we all have different pain tolerances. It just reinforces that nothing comes without a price and those early actress' paid a huge price and deserve our reverence.

Desiree said...

i too adore rita hayworth. lovely blog!!

A said...

I know I couldn't put up with the pain they were under then (and often are today, too)

Witchcrafted Life said...

Yikes, yikes, yikes! I've certainly heard that being beautiful can be tough work, but a torturous massage just isn't something I'd undergo in the name of vanity! ;P

Wishing you a relaxing Sunday, sweetie!
♥ Jessica


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