Sunday, December 8, 2013

Links of the Week

A wonderful post from Go Retro! why Rankin/Bass Specials are amazing.  I adore them, and clearly others do too.  I just wish they wouldn't have had Rudolph on TV before Thanksgiving.  There is a rule in my house to have nothing to do with Christmas music, specials, etc. before Thanksgiving is over.  The pessimist part of me thinks they hoped people wouldn't watch so they have an excuse to take it off the air.  It's one of the few times I find myself watching network TV is during December when the specials are on.

Go Retro!  also has some amazing advice from lifestyle superstar Jack LaLanne.  I adore him, and his advice on happiness still has a place in these modern times.  Part of me thinks it much more relevant today then it was when first given.

Buzzfeed is always an addictive site.  This week it had several things that pertained to my life experience:  21 Signs You Stay Up Too Late, 33 Signs Your a New Teacher, and 10 Awesome Moments We Wish the Next Generation Could Experience.  Ah, memories.

The Huffington Post has a fascinating story about lost Silent Films.  Hopefully some of these gems will turn up.  That's my hope at least.

The history article that piqued my interest was on the Atlantic website: Would Lincoln Have Survived If He Was Shot Today?  There are a million "what if's" where history is concerned.  I'm tempted to think he would not have survived today.  You can't just look at the advances in medicine when thinking of such a huge question, you also have to consider the advances in weaponry.  To me, one doesn't change without the other.  You can't have medical scans and lasers vs a derringer.  It just isn't being intellectually honest.

On the book front, one of my favorite sites, the Nerdy Book Club, gives the finalists for the 2nd Annual Nerdy Award Finalists.   


Big Old Houses visited the amazing Stonehurst house near Boston.

Neatorama brings to light some of the nicknames of the rich and famous, from Marilyn Monroe calling Joe DiMaggio "Slugger" to Richard Burton calling Elizabeth Taylor "Fatty" (nice name for a loved one).

I love the Art of Manliness site, even though I'm a girl.  Old fashioned advice and tutorials that are quite useful - regardless of what sex you are.  This week they have some great things including:  5 Classic Holiday Cocktails, Classic Cocktails, Lessons in Manliness from Andrew Jackson, How to Be a Good Neighbor, Complete Guide to Home Fire Prevention and Safety, the Eisenhower Decision Matrix, Home Maintenance Checklist, and about a billion other very cool things.  I love that site!

Grazini's artwork

Letterology has a cool post highlighting artist Patti Grazini's amazing work with paper.  She created 3 dimensional ensembles out of paper based on artwork.

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