Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Blondes Hair

Since the redheaded posts went so well, I thought I'd head on to the next group, the blondes of course! This advice also comes from Ruth Murin in Good Housekeeping from the 1940s.

Naturally a blonde's first consideration is her much-admired hair. If she appreciates her luck, she does everything she can to keep it fair and shining. Since it looks most beautiful when it has just been washed, she shampoos often. The least hint of oil darkens it and makes it stringy, so once a week at least she bends over a washbowl and rubs bubbly suds into her scalp. She sprays with clear water until each strand squeaks with cleanliness. Since a film of soap left on the hair will dull it, she uses the juice of two lemons in the last rinse, or she may prefer one of the prepared tinted rinses that not only cut soap but heighten the color of the hair. Or she uses a soapless shampoo which, even in hard water, leaves no deposit on the hair. - Ruth Murrin (Good Housekeeping)

I am a total clean hair addict, so I'm not sure I could handle the blonde's beauty routine. I need to wash my hair minimum daily. I understand in the past, people used to bathe like once a week. I just could not have done it. - A

In spite of the best care, some blond locks naturally darken as a girl grows older. The ripe-wheat tone may deepen to antique gold or honey. Bette Davis has hair like this and refuses to have it bleached. She likes the individuality of its caramel tone, the way it sparkles with gold glints when the light is on it. I admire her attitude and commend her example to girls who write me mournfully that they are "muddy blondes". - Ruth Murrin (Good Housekeeping)

Obviously this was written in the 1940s because at one time, Bette Davis did dye her hair bright blonde. I do admire her stance, though. It's hard to fight the pressure to dye your hair. That's why I stick to my red hair as long as it will last. Too bad all my stress is giving me so much white hair :) - A

Even when the fair hair of childhood turns decisively brown, I still think it is best to let nature take its course. After all, it is much nicer to be a brunette than to struggle with bleaches and such. - Ruth Murrin (Good Housekeeping)

Thankfully I have no experience here. Always had red-auburn hair, and totally been too afraid to dye it (My sensitive skin doesn't help either). - A

Tomorrow - 1940s Skincare and Makeup for Blondes


Lidian said...

I am one of those muddy blondes (oh, lovely expression, that!) but was always a dark blonde. I can live with it, though! ;)

Love these series, they are terrific!

Michelle said...

I had bleached blonde hair for a couple of years...I loved it! I would wash it Saturday mornings, set it like the Marilyn's, with hairspray and gunk galore...and it would be so easy to keep the hairstyle for 3-4 days, with touch ups from the curling iron. The beauty of it was, no one could tell it hadn't been washed, you would see no oils because the hair was so fried. I miss that routine now that I am back to my natural dark brown haircolor. It's a necessity to wash it frequently otherwise I'd look like a greaseball!

Thanks for doing this series, it's definitely informative!

Cajun Girl Living In The Mountains said...

I was thinking the same thing as Michelle said. Styles stay so much better and look so wonderful on those blondes!!


Witchcrafted Life said...

When I was born and for the first few months of my life, what little hair sat atop my head was red. Then, oddly, well before my first birthday it turned blonde - very, very almost "Nordic" blonde and remained that way for a few years.

Growing up I was routinely told I would morph into a brunette (as a couple of my aunts on one side had). This however never transpired. Instead that lovely fair blonde turned into a utterly dull "muddy" - or as more than one relative was quick to call it (*sigh*) dish water - blonde/brown that was more boring than all get out. I hate what my natural colour became and started colouring my hair in my mid-teens. I played around with just about every natural (aka, no punk hues) shade under the sun but always came back to what I believe mother nature wanted me to have, red.

I've stuck with red for over two years now (and was also red for two of my teen years) and love it dearly. Some days I debate going golden blonde, but the urge to do so hasn't won over yet ;D

(Hope you don't mind me sharing my hair's life story felt good to share.)

Have a super wonderful weekend, sweetie!
♥ Jessica

A said...

It's wonderful to hear everyone's hair stories. I wish I was much more daring about my hair, but the closest thing I have ever done is cut my own bangs. Wish I was as brave as ya'll!

VP81955 said...

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