Thursday, July 30, 2009

Favorite Foods of Famous Stars 1

Found this way fun cookbook from 1934, Favorite Foods of Famous Stars

It was published by a refrigerator company, so naturally there are a lot of recipes that need refrigeration

Not a lot of the people in here are really seen as major stars today, but some are still remembered. I will post more pages in the future. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

For a Little Leon Errol, check out him attempting to post a letter from a 1930 film. From what I could find, it seemed like he frequently was the comedic drunk.


Tracey said...

What a great cookbook..are the reciepes any good?? I like the vintage kitchen. I dont' remember Leon Errol at all.. maybe the used starts looking for a buck?!!:)

Amanda said...

So far I can't say I would eat anything in there except the desserts. I will be posting more pages in the future, so everyone can decide if they would try it :)


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