Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vintage Inspiration July 30th

When I was cleaning my house one day, we found what I believe to be the original chandelier for my 1920s Bungalow (If it's a later design, please let me know)

My very cool Uncle Danny, who is an electrician, rewired it and installed it where there used to be nasty track lighting, that coincidentally was wired wrong (dodged a bullet there)

So aside, from tracking down one of those white candle thingies to replace the one missing one, everything is perfect

Totally made my living room much more elegant

Wondering if this last one shows the ghost in my house :)


LandGirlontheHomeFront said...

oooh....spooky-cool. I'm no expert, but there are elements in the details that seem 1920s-ish, if not slightly earlier (early Art Deco)...very cool find

Lapetitemort said...

Very cool find!
I have no clue of how to spot clues of eras on light fixtures, but it seems to have the deco-y swirls.
It's lovely



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