Saturday, July 9, 2016

Move Into Marion's Mansion

     Marion Davies Rancho Mirage, California estate at 1 Von Dehn Road is for sale.  It was built in 1956 for the well known actress.  It is 13,908 square feet with 9 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms.  Clearly every room has their own bathroom with more to spare.  It resides on almost 3 acres.  The asking price is almost $4 million.  Clearly, the interior has been redone recently and wouldn't have been anything Marion would have used. 

      The exterior of the home seems to be intact.  The interior of the house is redone in the modern style of everything being painted white and minimal.  The interior decorating uses boring tile and boring furniture.  To me, it is highly lacking in character or touches of humanity. 

     I know that's how they stage things today.  And apparently people only like this style boring interior design nothingness today.  What's the point of even looking at an interior design magazine when everything is painted white.  The furniture always looks cheap and ill-made.  The flooring is always a boring tan or looking like repurposed wood (even if it isn't).  

      That's why I haven't included many interior photographs.  They are too boring.  If you want to see the interior, you may follow the source link and view them yourself if you are interested.

     On a side note, Marion Davies is a decent actress.  Not one of my favorites, but not terrible.  Her talents are becoming more appreciated lately.   The films I've viewed in which Davies appears are fairly decent.  I don't think I would view any of them again on purpose, but they are not bad. 

      I think this has a lot to do with the waning collective memory of her lover, William Randolph Hearst.  Since the power of William Randolph Hearst is more of a memory these days (even though the family is still crazy wealthy), people are looking more at her work  - minus the salacious headlines.  

     Frankly I'm not sure many people in my generation and younger even know who Hearst is - let alone in conjunction with Marion Davies.

     Unless of course they are film fans and love Orson Welles' Citizen Kane like I do.

Photograph source:  LA Curb  

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Mim said...

Marion seems like she was a nice lady; she kept the pencil Hearst used to write her a note, and when he was in dire financial straits, sold her jewellery to help him out. She loved him more than the gems. I hope history is learning to be kinder to her now.


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