Monday, October 18, 2010

Matinee Monday: Old Maid (1939)

Watched Old Maid (1939) today in honor of Miriam Hopkins; birthday. I really enjoyed the film. Bette Davis' character has a child out of wedlock and since it was the late 1800s, she went away and had the child, claiming illness. Of course, Delia Ralston (Miriam Hopkins) had to stop Charlotte's (Bette Davis) marriage to another man because of the illegitimate child. When Charlotte becomes widowed, she offers Delia and her illegitimate child a home with her. A touchy relationship between the two women forms based on who really is the mother of Charlotte's child.

Bette Davis was the star, and she did a fabulous job, but I was drawn to Miriam Hopkins. Her portrayal was strong and sympathetic. Miriam gets a bad rap because of her off-screen issues with Bette and other actors, spending her free time with writers instead of Hollywood elite, consulting a psychic before choosing a role, and of course - her suspected communism, but I've loved her in every film I've seen her in from Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde to These Three (when will this film ever come out on DVD?).

Happy 108th Birthday Mims!

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