Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Neat Butt Boisterous

Hollywood has a new dance called the "Bouncing Baby".  It is also sometimes known as the "Jump-it".

Lady Mountbattan

We saw it performed at a dinner-dance given be Mary Pickford for Lady Mountbatten.  Miss Pickford herself, Marion Davies, Doug Fairbanks, Jr., and Harry Crocker were participants.

Edwina and Louis Mountbattan

The men join hands to form a sort of circle, and the women hoist themselves onto their arms.  Then the men jump and move at the same time in a circle, keeping time with the music.  It is both weird and noisy."

[Source: Picture Play; July 1931]

A Typical Pickfair Gathering

I think it sounds wonderfully fun.  I don't know why Picture Play was such a fuss-budget.  

The Mountbattans's 90th wedding anniversary would have been July 18, 2012. Royal Musings has some great posts about their wedding day:

Finding the Girl
The Guests
The Bridesmaids
The Gown
The Ceremony

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