Tuesday, November 1, 2016

How Well Do You Know Hollywood? - Question 10

According to Photoplay, July 1940

Virginia Cherrill is the ex-wife of:

The two were looking pretty cozy in this picture.  Can you guess who it was?

Cary Grant

Lew Ayres

Randolph Scott

Walter Wanger

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A said...

It's Cary Grant! They were married February 9, 1934 and divorced the next year. He claimed they divorced because he was possessive and too afraid of losing her. Virginia claimed he was alcoholic, abusive, ridiculed her acting, wouldn't pay her bills, and became a different person once they married. I don't know what the truth of their situation was, but Grant is known for basically creating a character and living it. If he was different at home, that must have been difficult. I'm wondering if Virginia dated Cary Grant and found Archibald Leech at home. Perhaps it was like that Rita Hayworth quote about men going to bed with 'Gilda' and waking up with her. Frankly, I wonder if Cary himself knew who he was.

Side note - This is the first time in the 6 years I've written this blog that Randolph Scott and Lew Ayres have appeared. Perhaps it's due to my disinterest in Westerns and War films in the case of Scott. They are just too serious and my life is serious enough. As to the first mention of Ayres, it's the medical films. It's why I can't watch the medical shows on television. I've had medical issues all my life and don't find medical suffering entertaining. And finding the problem is never that quick. I'm living it in the real world - I don't need to relive it for 'entertainment'.


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