Saturday, April 12, 2014

Week in Review

Films I've Watched

  • Lady Vanishes (1938) - Margaret Lockwood (as Iris), Michael Redgrave (as Gilbert), Paul Lukas (as Dr. Hartz), Dame May Whitty (as Miss Froy).  Having seen the recent PBS Masterpiece adaptation, I was curious about what I think is the first adaptation of the title.  An added bonus was the fabulous Dame May Whitty, whom is fabulous in every film I've seen her in.  The plot is basically this: Iris meets Miss Foy, a governess going back to England, on a train.  She disappears, and Iris is determined to find her but no one on the train has seen her.  Soon, it seems to Iris that everyone thinks she is crazy.  Luckily, things work out in the end.  Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, I wouldn't necessarily consider this in his style or the style he developed but it definitely is an enjoyable film.

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  • Case of the Howling Dog (1934) - Warren William (as Perry Mason), Mary Astor (as Bessie Foley), Allen Jenkins (as Sergeant Holcumb).  First of the Perry Mason films, this film stars the amazing Warren William as the superstar lawyer Perry Mason.  First in the Perry Mason film series, this case centers around a howling dog, convoluted identities, bigamy, inheritance, and murder.  A fun mystery, the film has everything you need to make a great B film.  The cast was good, the story was entertaining, and I was constantly kept guessing.  I loved every minute of it.   

Links of the Week

1950's Time Capsule Home

  • Homes from the past are very cool.  Homes today often seem bland, box-like, boring, with no personality or style.  Cookie cutter houses - inside and out.  When I see and think of homes of today, I just think "blah".  Muted colors, tan or white palate, everyone has the same cheap stuff.  Big floor plan, tall ceilings, but cheap and disposable.  They are houses - not homes.  Imagine my delight on finding this time capsule home from the 1950's.  I can't remember where I got the link, but it was probably from No Pattern Required.  The rooms in this house are amazing!  Colors, patterns, fun combinations, wonderful furniture.  This is one amazing home.  I wish I could see it in person.

  • My home needs some major cleaning and organizing, that's why I adore the site IHeartOrganizing.  There is always some great tips and projects on cleaning or organizing.  The site has featured a Month Long Cleaning series.  It's definitely a great place to start if you are looking on cleaning up your own place.

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