Friday, April 18, 2014

Vintage Inspiration - Lovely Lucille

Lucille Ball embroidering at home in 1943

What lovely yarn pictures she has made!  She is quite skilled and the pictures are great examples of what was popular at the time.  They would look great in a house.  I also absolutely love her pooch, too.  It is very cute and looks quite at home in Lucy's cozy home.  What I love about the homes of classic stars is that the inside looks normal and approachable.  We can imagine Lucy sitting around embroidering pictures and imagine ourselves doing the same thing.  Some other things I notice in the photograph: Desi's framed photographs, horse statues on her shelves, and Lucy's adorable pinafore.  I wonder where one could find a cute outfit like that? 


How To Grow A Cat Tree said...

My great aunt taught Lucy how to knit. She was on stage with Lucy when Lucy was still a bleached blonde starlet, and they stayed friends, even though my great aunt became a wardrobe mistress and Lucy a star. Frances was a red head, and so was I. Lucy never pretended that red was her natural color, although she certainly rocked it! I'll send you some pics once I get done with this huge project I'm doing...turning my bedroom into a huge Art Nouveau cat tree. My way of combining my love of the twenties era and my modern day life. Maybe you can help me figure out who some of these star photos are, and I have some scripts from RKO movies.

A said...

Fabulous post "How to Grow a Cat Tree". I wish I could get a hold of you. I would love to hear more about your aunt Frances.


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