Monday, January 27, 2014

Week in Review

Films I've Watched

  • Penguin Pool Murder (1932) - I love these Hildegarde Withers films featuring the amazing Edna Mae Oliver.  She was such an amazing actress - spunky, with an acid tongue.  Thanks to TCM for playing these gems every Saturday morning.

  • Murder on a Honeymoon (1935) - Another fun mystery featuring the wonderful Miss Withers.

  • Whiplash (1948) - Review coming

  • Gunman in the Streets (1950) - Pretty decent film.  I'm not a huge Dane Clark fan, but Simone Sigoret is amazing!  In this film, Clark plays her escaped convict ex-boyfriend.  She must choose between her current boy and the guy she can't get out of her system.  The photography seemed like what I would consider a typical European film.  Well done, but not my favorite.

  • Secret of Madame Blanche (1933) - Review coming

  • Champagne Charlie (1936) - Review coming

  • Millie (1931) - Review coming


  • Fox features 11 Hollywood "Good Girls" Who Were Actually Naughty.  I have to say the list wasn't surprising, but I do think some of them shouldn't have been there.  Their "crimes" really are minor.  If someone is a "bad girl" for drinking or having multiple partners, almost every celebrity is one.
Wire and Crepe Paper Doll

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Mim said...

Augh, you have so much better things on TCM in the US! The UK version is rubbish.


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