Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fashion Friday - Pageant Posers

Miss Junior America Shirley Arrow and Miss America Jacque Mercer getting adjusted during a photo shoot in 1946.  I couldn't find any information on Shirley Arrow, but there is plenty out there about Jacque Mercer. 

A very determined person, Mercer purposely wanted to be Miss America and went about studying and practicing in order to become her.  Marrying while Miss America, she set about to change the rules so that the current Miss America could not marry.  From what I read, it sounds like her marriage either traumatized her or she was exploited, so she made it her mission to stop other Miss America's from making the same mistake.  I thought is was also interesting that on the Miss America site they made a point of stating that she was the last Miss America to be born at home, rather than a hospital.  On a side note, I love all three of the outfits in the photo and would love to where any of them.

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