Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Paintings of the Stars - Part 1

Beatrice Lillie; 1963

Life Magazine did a series on paintings done by celebrities in 1963.  I find it interesting to see what artists do in art fields other than their own.  Well, it turns out that several actors and actresses were wonderful painters as well.  Beatrice Lillie was an actress I would have loved to see.  While known for her wonderful stage work, she made some films as well.

Beatrice Lillie; 1963

One of the stories about her I find most striking is from World War II.  Lillie entertained the troops quite frequently.  One day, she found out her son had been killed in action and refused to cancel her performance. Her quote:  "I'll cry tomorrow" (Source).  Beatrice Lillie sounds like an amazing woman I would loved to have met.  Her strength, generosity, and talent are worth remembering.

As to these paintings, I'm not sure what happened to these particular ones, but several of her paintings are stored at the New York Public Library


Guernsey Girl said...

What a fascinating post! I really do think women were stronger in those days, though I will probably for criticised for saying so...

A said...

I agree Guernsey Girl. It's surprising to me what people today deem to be difficulties.


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