Monday, April 29, 2013

Paintings of the Stars - Henry Fonda

Henry Fonda; 1963

I found a half article about Henry Fonda and his painting.  He began experimenting with pastels while filming Mister Roberts.  Self-taught, he found his own techniques such as working from the left-top corner down, so that the drawing is not smudged.  His favorite painting technique, according to this source, is drybrush.

Henry Fonda; 1963
His technique is simple, a slight pencil sketch which he erases as he goes, and then he digs right in and paints.  Several of Henry Fonda's paintings (or copies of them at least) are around.  Fonda lists his major painting influences as William Harnett, Andrew Wyeth, and Dutch realist painters.
[Source:  Henry Fonda: a Bio-Bibliography; Greenwood Publishing; 1992; p 54]

Christina's World; Andrew Wyeth; 1948

I think Fonda made quite a lovely picture.  I haven't been able to find out where the particular painting from this Life photograph session ended up, but I'd be curious to know.  If anyone has the answer, please be sure to share it.

A Study Table; William Hemett; 1882

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