Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An Andrews Winter Vacation

Mary, Dana, and children

Dana Andrews is one of my favorite actors.  His voice is amazing!  Not only was he great on film, but he was amazing on the radio.  As you all know, I'm addicted to Old Time Radio, and he stars in I Was a Communist for the F.B.I., a fantastic show with definite insight into the times.  He also starred in the noir classic Laura, which one of my favorite films.  

Dana, Mary, and daughter Katharine

These photographs are from a 1947 winter vacation he took with his family.  It looks very fun.  On a side note, I love the winter posters on the walls in the above picture.  I wish advertisement today even half that beautiful today.

Family Roughhousing

Dana, his wife Mary, sons David and Stephen, and daughter Katharine, look like they are having a wonderful time.  I wish I could have that much fun in this cold weather.  I guess I'd rather burrow under the covers and wait until spring.

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