Monday, December 10, 2012

Nuggets of Note - December 10, 2012

Christmas Girl from Chronically Vintage

Jessica over at Chronically Vintage has a delightful article about 25 Reasons to Smile this December.  Each reason is absolutely true and she features each reason with such wonderful vintage photographs.  I think I Pinned almost everything!  Her Flicker Favorites are great this week, too.

Book of Snowflakes; 1863

Letterology has a great post about 1863 Book of Snowflakes.  The illustrations are marvelous.

Gertie has a wonderful post about organizing her sewing room.  It has really inspired me to get my craft room in order.

Baby Peggy

Noir and Chick Flicks featured Baby Peggy, whose films were featured on TCM 12/3/2012.

Daytonian in Manhattan has a wonderful post about the Mrs Osborn Company building.  Another clothing great I'll have to research more.

306th Bomb Group

For the actor in me, Neatorama tries to find the origin of the phrase "break a leg".

Collectors Weekly has a great story about Bomber Jacket Art.  I just love the pinup and bomber art.

And who knew canoeing could be so risque?

Perm Machine; 1934

And a fun post about strange beauty practices of the past.  I have featured a few of these gizmos in my Weird Wednesday posts.  The most popular Weird Wednesday post is not a beauty post, but my post about the Kiddie Koup.

I had no idea some flappers could be so scheming.  The New York Times Review had a fascinating article about a flapper ponzi scheme.  The article also had a mini flapper dictionary at the end.

Mansion of Happiness Board Game

But then again, they ahead of their time.  It reminds me of a great article I read about the history of greedy board games, like Monopoly.  I adore vintage board games, so this post was right up my alley.

First Lady Grace Coolidge; 1923

And since December is basically cookie central in my home, this article about Girl Scout Cookie history seems timely.  I mostly give baked goods out as presents the past few years because of no job, but I love baking so it's good. I find it soothing.  If only I more room in my kitchen.

19th Century Doll House

I've always loved dolls and dollhouses, so I was really excited to see this article about a child's butcher shop dollhouse.  When I was in middle school, a project we had was to build a colonial model.  I was obsessed with Colonial Williamsburg, so I decided to build a model of its Bakery.  I still have parts of the Bakery.  I wish I would have taken better care of it.


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