Monday, August 6, 2012

Josanne Tames Marlon

Josanne Mariani; 1954 

"Marlon Brando
Is one of the few actors who can get by on talent alone and, whether or not you like him as a personality, he falls in the category of genius as far as acting is concerned.  We never found Marlon hard to take as a human being, either.  He’s hypersensitive, which accounts for his great talent; but once he trusts you, there’ll be no trouble from him.  Seems like half the eligible girls in Hollywood claim to have dated him just before his engagement to Josanne Mariani was announced.  But his big moment while making his last picture Desiree was Joanne herself, who was secretly in Hollywood and a mystery girl on the movie set."

[Source: Movieland;  February 1955]

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