Friday, July 1, 2011

Sylvia's Diet Lore 1 - Meat and Fish

Thought I'd return to a popular topic from a few years ago, Madame Sylvia of Hollywood and her tips. So here is day 1 of Sylvia's Diet Lore:

  • Pay no attention to meatless diet fads
  • Broil or roast the leaner meats in such a way as to eliminate the fats, first by cutting away the visible excess fat before cooking and, second, by taking the measures I have described for eliminating contact between meat and their drippings.
  • Do not boil meats. However you may eat cold-boiled ham as often as you wish.


  • Incontiadistinction to meats, fish should be boiled. Only the lean varieties should be used. No idea what this means. I assume it refers to indigestion or kidney problems or something like that. I couldn't even find a definition for it.

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Some gems include:

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