Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Anne Francis in Hollywood - Day 2

On Anne's second day in Hollywood, she was invited to lunch with Miss Mildred Kelly from the MGM publicity department. But when Anne arrived at Miss Kelly's office who was at her desk but none other than Van Johnson or "The Dream" as Anne referred to him. Van was there reading his fan mail. Radio Mirror says that "Anne was too weak to remain standing so she sat hastily in the nearest chair and told him her name" (Radio Mirror, March 1947). They ended up talking for 45 minutes!

And when Miss Kelly asked if Anne wanted a photo of Van - of course she said yes! Anne kept the photo on her bureau. The inscription reads: "To Anne Francis. Good luck always from your friend Van." (Radio Mirror, March 1947). Lucky girl!


Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

so cute! I didn't even know who Anne was until these posts, and I adore her now. :)

A said...

Anne Francis is probably best known for her work in Forbidden Planet or the tv show Honey West (which I love).


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