Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Painting Pillars, Fabulous Costumes, and 1951 Meals

Started off the morning watching a film I haven't seen yet, 1954's There's No Business Like Show Business on Fox Movie Channel. I adored the costumes, but I am not a huge Ethel Merman fan (I know, sacrilege). Loved this pink and white number on Marilyn.

Donald O'Connor and Marilyn Monroe
in There's No Business Like Show Business

I've been trying to make a point of doing some cleaning every day, so hopefully my house will be clean soon. Unfortunately I went downstairs and saw the pillar in the picture below. The paint chip just started bothering me so much I had to take care of it. Sometimes I just get so fixated on something, that I have to take care of it right away - regardless of the task I should be working on.

The Offending Pillar
So I ended up spending the afternoon dusting, washing, and painting my basement pillar. I can't imagine a lot of you were doing the same thing :)

So when dinner came around, I was at a loss. I decided to check out a few of my vintage pamphlets. Econo-Meals sounded pretty good since I have been out of work over a month and scrounging for meals, and it turned out the good people at Crisco came to the rescue.

I went with Meal #3, Frankfurters with Barbecue Sauce and Potato Pancakes. This was actually pretty filling by itself, so I didn't make the Cabbage Salad or Spice Cake. This 1951 meal was actually pretty good. Fairly easy, but loads of cleanup.

Barbecued Frankfurters in Famous Dave's Classic Barbecue Sauce

No, I didn't take the time to make my own barbecue sauce (I'm not that ambitious). I just used my personal favorite sauce from my favorite restaurant, Famous Dave's.

My first attempt at Potato Pancakes. Not too bad for a first try, huh?

More cleaning tomorrow, and hopefully I will be able to think of something to make for dinner.


Kristen said...

Those potato pancakes look an awful lot better than the ones I tried to make recently! My recipe used leftover potatoes, and all but the last batch were mush - impossible to flip. Could you send me your leftovers please? :)

Lapetitemort said...

Looks pretty yummy!


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