Saturday, March 6, 2010

Vintage Book of the Day - LBJ Barbecue Cook Book by Walter Jetton

I love vintage cookbooks, so when I was sleuthing around work this week, I found this little gem. It is by U.S. President LBJ's personal caterer, Walter Jetton (seen below).

I definitely am looking forward to some summer barbecuing after this cold, snowy winter and this book reminded me that I would love a good, old fashioned barbecue. For some great info on the Johnson Barbecues, check out Barbecue Diplomacy.

Now today was a balmy 40+ degrees in Minnesota, so it was quite warm for this time of year. The snow was melting, and the noise of the sump pump and water in my gutters has been driving me nuts all day. It makes a girl anxious for spring. So with that said, here are some choice recipes from the LBJ Barbecue Cook Book.

Baked Apple Fried Pies sound delicious!

That poor Onion Ring champ! He didn't have a chance!

But what if I had another weapon besides a Colt .44? Would it sink? Besides, I use bubbles as a belly wash - not coffee.

Not a Cole Slaw fan (can't stand mayo), but this sounds like a good one for those who like it.

I adore ribs! And as a Minnesotan, everything is named after Hubert Humphrey, so I had to include that recipe.

And of course these last two make the strange recipe list. I would definitely be one of the people turning these recipes down if Walter offered them. The thought of Beef Heart makes me ill. The name is quite illustrative of how the Comanche are seen in history. And as Walter says, it is a quite blood curdling name.

And don't get me started on the Calf Fries. Would someone please let me know when eating animal private parts became a good idea? According to epicurious, there were recipes in Gourmet for them as far back as 1942.

Could you image going over to the President's house and him offering you Comanche Beef Heart or Calf Fries? I would be scared what kind of war might break out if I refused!

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Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

I have that exact same cookbook!! I love all of the illustrations in it! I have yet to make anything from it though, shame on me!

Amanda said...

Don't feel bad, I have tons of cookbooks I haven't touched yet either :)

Gloria said...

Saw this on Pinterest! Thanks for sharing! :)

Julie Kirby said...

I remember my Mom cooking a beef heart ... It looked exactly what it sounds like, not a big fan of organ meat except liver p√Ęte ... Think I ate hot dogs that night (which probably had beef heart and more!)


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