Sunday, May 5, 2013

Paintings of the Stars - Charlton Heston and Nathanial Benchley

Charlton Heston; 1963
I think everyone still knows who Charlton Heston is, and I can't think of anything new to add to that conversation.  I do love this photograph.  Chuck obviously had no problem showing how cool he was.

Nathaniel Benchley
Frankly, I had no idea when I saved this photo of Nathaniel Benchley who he was, but when I researched him, I found about a million reasons I adore him and didn't know it:

A Ghost Named Fred

He wrote some fabulous kids books like A Ghost Named Fred and Oscar Otter

Robert Benchley

His dad was Robert Benchley, noted humorist, actor, and about a dozen other things.  He was a great comedian and definitely fun in any film appearance.  Benchley's "How to" shorts are classics.


His son, Peter Benchley, wrote Jaws, which is a pop culture icon.  Freaky as all get out, but some great acting.

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