Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Weird Wednesday - Paper Comb to the Rescue!

Popular Mechanics; January 1924

Hair sanitation was an issue in the 1920s just as much as it is today.  I can't tell you how much I cringe at the thought of sharing my hairbrush with a family member - let alone the brushes at the salon.  At school, they seemed to address the problem, on picture day at least, by giving everyone their own little comb when I was kid in the 1980s.  Do give out combs on picture day anymore I wonder?  I have to say that a paper comb would never do with my hair.  As thick as it is, I can barely get a regular comb to go through my hair let alone a paper one.  I just envision paper shreds all through my hair.

Women Combing Their Hair circa 1900

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What-I-Found said...

I came across some kids checker sets marked "sanitary" from that era and my Mom pointed out that during the polio scares everything was marked sanitary to ease fears. That might account for your comb.


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