Friday, November 29, 2019

Author Katherine Brush Misses - Part 1

    From Good Housekeeping, probably a 1930's issue, but I didn't mark the date, entitled "I Have Some Little Lists" by Katherine Brush, a well known author.  A lot of works were made into movies in the 1930's like Red-Headed Woman.  She is also known for her short story, The Birthday Party, often taught in literature classes.

Katharine Brush by Leon Gordon; 1933
Katherine Deplores The Decline of:

the shag
I assume what is referred too is the collegiate shag dance.  Not sure what else it would be

the player piano

.Toy music box made in Germany. It winds and plays while the figure at the piano sways back and forth 
and her hands go up and down. It was owned by August B. Mueller, who operated a toy and gift shop
 in Saint Paul, and exhibited at the Minnesota State Fair in 1871
house pajamas

the slang phrase "pitching woo"

the glamour of penthouse apartments

Penthouse; 1933
Gloria Swanson

tea dancing

the game Monopoly

the game called The Game
Apparently Charades was called "The Game" in the 1930's and 1940's.  Who knew?

men's opera hats, whether they are shut or open

jitterbug jubilees

rugged individualism

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