Friday, July 14, 2017

Flirty Friday Fifties Fashion Fun

Model Dorian Leigh sporting black picture hat while showing off
accordion pleats of a straight-hanging sheer dress
(Jane Derby, which sold for  $250 in 1950) which can swirl into
a ten-yard circle of flesh-colored chiffon; 1950

Model Dorian Leigh wearing white pique dance dress by
Traina-Norell wth black accessories; 1950

Model Dorian Leigh wearing black & white striped dress by
Jacques Fath-Joseph Halpert with black cartwheel hat; 1950

Model Dorian Leigh wearing deep open back slim sheath
dress by Dior-New York;1950

Model Dorian Leigh wearing large check short coat over slim skirt w. long gloves, cloche hat, patent leather shoes & seamed stockings; 1950

Model Dorian Leigh wearing short full check coat by Monte-Sano
with long leather gloves, hat w. face veil, umbrella; 1950

Model showing off mushroom pleats in the slim sheaths that hang
in plumb-line straight panels,195 dollar Traina-Norell creation
compete with straw cartwheel hat by Mr.John; 1950

Model wearing tight skirt & stripped patent sandals
with new heelless stockings;1950

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