Friday, June 30, 2017

Fashion Friday - Racing Rags

1910; Winning Horse - Nuage
Racing fashions from Paris, the Grand Prix Horse Race.  The event has been held nearly every year since 1863. 
1910; Winning Horse - Nuage
1911; Winning Horse - As D'Atout
A 1.5 mile race taking place Longchamp Racecourse, taking place on or near Bastille Day, save for wars and special circumstances.  

1920; Winning Horse - Comrade
1914; Winning Horse - Sardanapale
As with many public events, it the perfect place to highlight the latest fashions. 

1914; Winning Horse - Sardanapale
1913; Winning Horse - Bruleur
Fashion designers would often even send models in their latest creations to the track to tempt ladies and gentlemen into purchasing the latest morsels.

1912; Winning Horse - Houli

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