Thursday, December 22, 2016

Peter's Perfect Presence Pisses Me Off

     Spoiler Alert - If you don't want to hear about Rogue One, don't read this.  The following opinion was based on my December 16, 2016 viewing.

The live original Peter Cushing

     I adore Peter Cushing.  He was a brilliant actor.  Any film he's in, especially any of the Hammer films, is worth watching.  When I learned he would be appearing in the new Star Wars film, I was incredibly leery.  I find CGI very problematic, especially when resurrecting people from the dead. I even just read several stories about how Robert De Niro and possibly more actors will be de-aged using CGI for films. 

     Am I the only person who found it horrendous and disrespectful to Peter Cushing's memory?  It was incredibly obvious that Tarkin, Cushing's role, was CGI.  It looked odd, hollow, lacking depth, too symmetrical, hair never looks good, the movement was strange and too fluid for humans, no human ticks or mannerisms, too predictable movement and the voice was incredibly off with no grit or heaviness,  For a pure actor like Cushing, the thought that he could just be replaced with some 1's and 0's and a vaguely British voice-over could not be more disrespectful.  

     Do they honestly think Mr. Cushing would want a job to be taken away from an actor just to preserve his own image?  The proper thing to do would be to recast.  The actors are aging and if Disney wants the series to continue, be honest with the audience and explain that all people age and die and recasting is necessary.  I would rather have seem the back of someone's head or no Tarkin at all rather than this CGI monstrosity.  If we continue down this path, why have actors at all?  The actual beauty of humanity can not be replicated.  Clearly this is a money grab, not art.

Alleged CGI Peter

     As to Leia, same problem.  Just show the back of someone's head with the buns.  That would have been enough.

Who doesn't know Leia by those buns?

     The CGI people took me right out of the movie.  I did enjoy the film, minus some other spoilers I won't mention, but I could have enjoyed this much greater without these CGI images.  I could not suspend belief with a floating Tarkin on screen.  We need to ask ourselves some serious questions about humanity.  Is film just entertainment or is it actually art?  If it's art, we are going in the wrong direction.  If it's just entertainment, then we still have problems.  As the jobs of humanity seem to be focusing more and more on entertainment, we seem to be giving those jobs more and more to computers.  If a robot or CGI creation acts when they are not drawing at all from actual human experience, does this take away from art?  Will we ever witness 'Method Acting' if a robot has never grown up in poverty or has any actual traumatic experience from which to draw?  Can robots draw from non-experience?  Human mistakes, foibles, experiences, emotion and everything that makes someone human is still cold when in CGI.  The 'perfection' is too great.

We miss you Peter

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Mim said...

Peter Cushing is one of my faves, and while I enjoyed Rogue One, I really wasn't taken by the CGI version. Besides anything else, if they were going to try to recreate him, they could have worked a bit harder on the voice! It seems a bit disrespectful, really.

Unknown said...

It's even creepier when dead celebs make an appearance -- do they have to make money for people even when they are dead?


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