Monday, December 12, 2016

Beery Bets on Buck's Beautiful Baby

Noah Beery Jr. and wife Maxine, Dell and Buck Jones.

". . . and Noah Berry, Jr., marries Maxine, the pretty daughter of Buck Jones".

     Well, first of all, Photoplay misspelled his name.  It's Beery, not Berry.  I'm not sure correcting an almost 80 year old out of print publication does any good, but I didn't want to misquote the source.

Maxine and Noah Beery, Jr and their daughter

     Noah Beery, Jr. was an actor like his father Noah Beery, Sr. and his uncle, the infamous Wallace Beery.

     Maxine was the daughter of legendary western actor, Buck Jones.  Beery and Maxine's son Bucklind Beery also went into the family business, acting.

     Noah Beery, Jr. and Maxine were married from 1940 to 1966.  They had three children, the aforementioned Bucklind, Melissa, and Muffett.

Noah Beery, Jr

Waterbury, Ruth.  Photoplay.  July, 1940.  Page 15

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