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Adolescent Ameches Aim for Acting?

Mr. and Mrs. Don Ameche; 1938

      Don Ameche thinks very seriously about the future of the young Ameches . . . they may very well all become actors - Photoplay, July 1940

Don Ameche family; 1958

     Don Ameche (whom I adore) and his wife Honore Pendergast were married 54 years and had six children.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Ameche at the Stork Club

     There children were Connie, Ronnie, Tommy, Bonnie, Lonnie, and Donny (or Don Ameche, Jr)
Don Ameche family; 1943
     As far as I can tell not even one of them went into acting.  There is an IMDB entry for Don Ameche, Jr., but it's of himself in 1988 appearing on a Biography special about his father.  They seem to have kept private so there is little information.  I'm not 100% sure, since I don't wish to bother people but Bonnie and Don Jr appear to possibly be the only ones around, at least online.

Don Ameche and Don Jr. at Santa Anita Racetrack

A fun side note, Don's brother Jim Ameche (August 6, 1915 - February 4, 1983) was also an actor.  Known mainly for his radio work, he did appear onscreen a few times.

Jim Ameche
The Ameche brothers were a class act.  Their voices were amazing.  If you get the chance, be sure to watch or listen to them in their early days

Jim Ameche
     Jim Ameche and his wife Betty also had six children - Jim Jr., Patrick, Bettejean, Timothy, Terry, and Bridget.

Jim Ameche

     Here's a bit of Jim Ameche in one of his most famous radio roles, as Jack Armstrong

     Some fun Ameche brothers trivia - They both played Alexander Graham Bell in films, Don in 1939's The Story of Alexander Graham Bell and Jim in 1957's The Story of Mankind.  How many brothers can say that?

     Another fun Ameche brothers fact, they also shared the announcer role on the Chase and Sanborn Hour aka the Edgar Bergen Charlie McCarthy Show.  Jim replaced Don when Don went on to bigger and better things.  Here's a taste of it:

Don Ameche - IMDB
Jim Ameche - IMDB
Pictures stamped with source
Internet Archive
Photoplay, July 1940

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