Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine Views - Part 3

Valentine; 1868
Hair jewelry and hair art often creeps out people these days.  I find it beautiful and full of love.  The tradition of giving a loved one a lock of hair to be close to them when they were parted.  My grandfather used to ask me for a lock of hair as a child.  Not knowing the custom at the time, I would laugh and never give it to him.  Passing away this December, I wish I had done so.  I even questioned putting a lock with him in his casket, but didn't because I thought people would think I was odd - and not in the good way.

Valentine Puzzle; 1828
Valentine; 1868

How cute are these two at school?  They are absolutely adorable!  It's almost what one would imagine an iconic image of two kids exchanging Valentines during a school party.  An innocent time that almost makes me wish I was a kid again and could enjoy that time of life again. 

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