Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Links of the Week - Makeup and Madness

Empire has an amazing post with the photographs and stories of iconic movie makeup.  The stories corresponding these amazing photographs are almost impossible to believe.  It makes me have much more respect for the pioneers of the field - especially the amazing Jack Pierce.  He created so many of the iconic movie monsters such as the Wolf Man and Frankenstein's Monster.  I couldn't take my eyes off these photographs.  They were amazing!

GlamourDaze is one of my go-to places for vintage beauty.  There is rarely a post that I don't find fantastic.  This week there were two stunning posts that I find absolutely brilliant.  The first is a trip to the Tangee Lipstick Factory in 1947.  I guess I have never thought much about how lipstick is made, not wearing much myself, but it was fascinating to see.  Maybe I'll get more adventurous and wear it more (even though I always seem to get it on my teeth - hence why rarely worn).  These post-war beauties really show why the lipstick industry boomed.  You can still find Tangee lipstick at great places like Vermont Country Store.

Not to be outdone by the Tangee tour, GlamourDaze also features Edith Head's advice for the perfect winter wardrobe in 1941.  Finding clothes is a bit of a nightmare to me, so advice like this is wonderful.  This perfect, sensible chart shows a multitude of ways in which to have an amazing wardrobe from three simple pieces.  Leave it to Edith.  Perhaps this guide will finally lead me to revitalize my wardrobe.  Asymmetry and shortness make clothing a nightmare.  I would love to have a few clothes I love to wear.  While loose ones are o.k., I can't think of an item I absolutely adore to wear.  Here's hoping!

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