Sunday, April 27, 2014

Shout Out and Saints

Paul Thompson's Birthday; 1955; MNHS

Thanks to all my readers on reaching 300 Followers!  I am so grateful to everyone who follows me.  This blog gives me a great outlet.  Having virtually no in person contact, it's nice to have a format to express my thoughts.  Granted, most of my visitors are looking only for photographs and I only receive a few non-robotic comments a month, I still find the exercise worthwhile.

Child's Birthday; 1948; MNHS

When I like at the blog's statistics, what I find most unusual is the subjects I like writing about the least, are viewed the most.  The top monthly and all-time statistics are always about Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland and John Wayne.  I appreciate what both contributed to culture, but I just don't enjoy their films.  

John Wayne from Sands of Iwo Jima; 1949

I'm not a fan of military or western pictures, mainly because I need escape when I view a film and both genres are too realistic and harsh with too much strategy and death, so that basically takes out every John Wayne picture.  

Elizabeth Taylor on the Beach; 1947

As for Taylor, I just prefer earlier films.  She was a good actress, I just don't enjoy many films from the time period she was most active.

Judy Garland; 1944

I appreciate that Judy is a local girl made good (from Minnesota, like me).  And who doesn't love the Wizard of Oz?  She is incredibly talented and I am sad her life turned out poorly.  But aside from the Wizard of Oz, I don't like any of her films.  Definitely not her Mickey Rooney films.  And her adult roles are sad to me.

Pope John Paul II at St. Patrick's Cathedral; October 2, 1977 

On another note, as a Roman Catholic, congratulations to Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II for being raised to sainthood.  I admire both their contributions to my religion.  And thanks to Fox News for televising the service.  Since I am usually up that early, I was able to watch it.  Very cool.

Pope John XXIII as a Cardinal; 1954

Pope John XXIII orchestrated the Second Vatican Council which was an amazing reformation.  And Pope John Paul II for his devotion to Mary, taking the church to the youth by visiting so many countries, and his influence in the fall of communism and the "Iron Curtain".  Laudate!

Queen Elizabeth and Pope John XXIII; 1961

Thanks again to everyone for following me.  Be sure to watch for my Blogiversary later next month when I hope to have a giveaway.  Thank you!

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