Friday, January 17, 2014

Fashion Friday - Baby Blessings

Baby Manual; 1957

Congratulations to my sister Renee and her husband Chad on the birth of their first child, Maddison Aubrey!  In honor of that, over the next couple days I'll feature some cool items from the 1957 Baby Manual put out by Parents Magazine.  Too bad they don't put these out any more.  They are quite informative, even if I don't have children myself.

Baby's Wardrobe; Baby Manual; 1957


  • I'm thinking disposable diapers were not heavily used yet, or perhaps not yet readily available.  I'm curious how often diaper services delivered when they told you to have 80 - 100 diapers on hand.  
  • Are creepers onesies?
  • I never thought of having masks for sick relatives.  When I'm ill, I just try to stay away from babies.

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