Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bowling Bliss

My brother got married the other week at a bowling alley.  His wife is in the navy and her orders got changed, so we had a rushed wedding.  Instead of a lovely August one, we had one in the chilly cold Minnesota winter.  These past two weeks I've been crazy busy fitting all of the events of a wedding into a couple weeks.

The way things worked out, we even had her bridal shower over a week after her wedding.  A bit unusual, but novel.  

I wish them many years of joy and happiness.  They clearly adore each other, so I'm sure it will be a good marriage.  I almost feel like the mother of the groom myself.  My brother was born when I was 12, and aside from homework, I spent all of my free time taking care of my younger siblings (My mother did not allow friends over).  He does not remember, but to me, he seems like more of a son than a brother.

So with their wedding in mind, I caught this fun bowling video on late night TCM.  Super fun, it definitely made me long for the simple days of bowling fun.  How awesome is this stuff?  I don't suppose there are any lanes out there like this any more.  I know the ones at the bowling alley we were at were more 1990's than awesome 1950's.  I wish we would have had time to play, but the festivities were too fun.  

I love being able to dance.  I don't have any friends and most people will not associate with me, so it's nice to have an occasion to leave my house.  It was very fun and a lovely wedding.  All the best to those two crazy kids.

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Mim said...

It's good to know they had a lovely day, despite everything having to be rushed forward.


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