Monday, January 7, 2013

Artifact of the Day - New Year's Cake Decoration

It took a bit of deciphering, but as far as I can tell the biscuit reads:

"A Resolution
I hereby promise that whenever the opportunity presents itself, I will use the [...?...] passenger service offered by the Northern Pacific Railway and partake of the high class dining car service rendered on its Trains"

I wasn't able to figure out the words on the most cracked section.  If anyone else can, please let me know.  I thought this was a very cool bit of history.  Who would have thought a cookie would have made it 101 years?  How cool is that?  I bet it was beautiful, and delicious, when it was new.  I can't imagine it would be very tasty now.

From the Minnesota Historical Society:  Decoration from a cake with box. Box is off-white and reads "1912 / New Year's Greeting / Northern Pacific Railway / Dining Car Department" in gold lettering. Inside box is a shield-shaped decorative biscuit from a cake. At top is circular "NORTHERN / PACIFIC" logo, with "1912 / A Resolution" written in gold frosting. Below a list of resolutions is written in pinkish-white frosting. Biscuit is broken into four pieces.


Flapper Flickers + Silent Stanzas said...

I think the missing word is "superior"! :)

A said...

I think you might be right Flapper


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