Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas - Naughty and Nice List


Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates.  I had a good, but stressful Christmas.  Nice visits with family, but for reasons I'd rather not dwell on, filled with tough decisions and stress.  Definitely don't need more of that at any time - let alone the holidays.  Just like Santa, I have a naughty and nice list.  

Santa's Mobile Workshop; Cannon Falls; 1930

Naughty List - I would give out coal, but I need it for my chilly house.  Actually not sure why this is given out as a bad gift, because I would love to have something to keep my house warm

  • My furnace motor - Thanks for breaking this Christmas Eve.  I really didn't have an extra $500+ lying around
  • My bod - For always being in pain and making me super tired.  Makes me feel about 50 years older than I am and prevents me from getting all my work done and eating
  • Some doctors - How about helping instead of telling me you found the gene so no one in the future will have my problem.  If I broke a leg, you would try to fix it instead of basically saying "tough".  When did you lose intellectual curiosity?
  • Those who hurt innocents.  Way too many troubling reports of this.  Quite frankly, it makes me sick.
  • Those involved in the incident of two+ years ago.  Not getting off this list any time soon
  • ABC Family - For not showing as many Rankin Bass specials this year.  Yes, I know you have the rights to several Disney movies, but just because there is a two second scene with snow, the movie is not a Christmas movie.  And terrible made-for-TV movies are NOT better than Christmas classics.

Downtown Minneapolis; 1935

Nice List

  • Hinding Heating - Thanks for fixing my heating on Christmas Eve.  Works great and I am soooo appreciative
  • My hubby - Thanks for loving and supporting me.  You are amazing!  My rock and my everything
  • My family - Thanks for loving and supporting me, too. 
  • My hubby again for making a fantastic Swedish Christmas spread.  I'm so glad you let me share your Christmas traditions
  • Hot water and Epsom Salt - One of the few things that relieve some pain
  • TCM - Thanks for having so many great films.  Hours of enjoyment.
  • Adult Swim and Archer - For making my laugh.
  • Books - Hours of enjoyment and intellectual growth
  • Radio Spirits and XM Radio - Hours of enjoyment.  I love Old Time Radio. I've also really loved the Bing Crosby Christmas on XM Radio.  I wish I would have been alive to hear them live.  I've listed to it the past several years, and absolutely love it.
  • The vintage blog and website community.  You are all fabulous!
  • My fantastic readers.  I enjoy each and every one of you!  Thanks so much for reading.  I have to give a special thanks to Jessica at Chronically Vintage.  She is one of the few people who comments on my posts, and I am thrilled that someone I find so inspiring reads my blog.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  I still celebrate until the 3 Kings come, so expect more Christmas posts until then.

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