Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Clucking Pick Me Up

So, since I've been super cleaning my house the past few weeks, I found some pretty cool things that I forgot I had. They brought a smile to my face, and reminded me happier times and some soon to be vintage things.

My Sister's Chicken Pox Chickens

One of the soon to be vintage things is Chicken Pox. I had the Chicken Pox in the summer after 1st grade when I was 6. It was right by my birthday and I got my very first two-wheeler. Unfortunately I was stuck on the couch. My 4 year-old sister had got the Chicken Pox from her "boyfriend" and passed it on to me. But she was better when the bike came, so she would ride my new bike up and down the street in front of the picture window to taunt me. As you can see, I'm still mad about it :)

My Sister's Chicken Pox Chickens

Anyway, Chicken Pox is a soon to be vintage disease. Most kids are required to be vaccinated, and so they aren't part of this right of passage. My 19 year-old brother and other younger siblings had the vaccine, and have no idea what Chicken Pox even is, let alone what it feels like. I still feel a fondness for Calamine Lotion til this day. What an amazing product! Calamine Lotion was first developed in 1832 by John Smithson, the wonderful man who gave the money which was used to create the Smithsonian. It was first used to treat ulcers. We've always used it in my family for Chicken Pox, Bug Bites, and Poison Ivy. It took the FDA until 2008 to recommend it for itch treatment. Can't believe it took them decades to find out what we all knew.

Cartman Enjoys His Calamine Lotion
The history of disease is just fascinating to me. For a fabulous article on 19th century chicken pox treatment, check out this great blog: Some of the treatment includes drinking Epsom salt (which makes great bubble bath, by the way) and drinking toast. Still not sure how that would work, but don't sign me up. I assume it is something like milk toast.

My Scarred Chicken Pox Chicken

Anyway, my treasure for today is my Chicken Pox Chicken. Any time any one of her grandchildren suffered from the dreaded Pox, we got a Chicken Pox Chicken as a treat from my Grandma. My chicken was on a little nest which you could hide things in. I would put stickers in mine. But what I thought was the coolest was my chicken had Chicken Pox too! As you can see, my chicken has been played with by my younger siblings and has got a few bumps along the way, but that makes it even more like me :)

My Chicken Pox Chicken's Hidy Hole

On a side note, I have to only get my craft room, kitchen, and basement picked up and then I'm all finished! Hopefully it will only take me a few weeks more :)


Matthew Coniam said...

I too contracted this now classic disease, at about the same age as you, and it was Calamine all the way in our house too. I wonder if you have that badge of honour: the small round scar on your forehead? I have one, and so does Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Lapetitemort said...

I remember Calamine lotion all too well. When I had chicken pox and my grandma put on the lotion, she called me "pink lady" because I was covered head to toe in pink dots. =)


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