Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gorging on Jelly Beans and Finally Finished Curtains!

Been super busy lately, so I'm really sorry for not posting lately. So while I spent the evening chomping basically an entire bowl of Starburst Jelly Beans, I finally finished the curtains I started in June

I think they turned out pretty good for my first time making curtains. A little disappointed by some issues, but on the whole I'm pleased. I'm sure my neighbors will be much happier, too!

This weekend I had a pretty good Easter. I hope everyone did too.

This was the first year I was asked to bring something for Easter. My grandma usually makes everything, but since she is still in the hospital, well we all had to step up to the plate. My mom did a fantastic job, basically making the entire feast. She rocks!

So I made banana bread for the first time. Sad, but true. It turned out pretty well if I do say so myself.

I decided I would use a vintage recipe from one of my vintage recipe books. I was surprised at how difficult it was to find a recipe. It must have been assumed that everyone knew how to make it, because I couldn't even find a recipe in my Chicita Banana book!

I found one finally in this 1952 book, Jane Ashley's Newest Recipes for Better Meals. The recipe is below if anyone is interested. The bread tasted pretty good and the bread stayed moist. I would definitely make again.


Anonymous said...

Great job on the curtains! I need to modify some of my own and I haven't gotten around to it yet. I love banana bread, I'll have to try this recipe! :-)

Lidian said...

Those curtains are gorgeous - and your banana bread looks really yummy! Good old Jane Ashley, a Mazola gal with some great recipes :)

BaronessVonVintage said...

wow, how impressively industrious....bread AND curtains! awesome!

Michelle said...

The bread looks so good! I think I'm going to try it. I have a question though- Can I find Salad Oil, is that still around? Is that the same as vegetable oil? Thanks for posting the recipe. :-)

Amanda said...

Michelle - I just used vegetable oil. I think Salad Oil is an old-fashioned name for Vegetable Oil.

On a side note, if you have a hot oven like myself, only bake the bread 1 hour instead of 1 hour 10 minutes. I would start checking it about 50+ minutes.

Michelle said...

Ok great. Thanks, Amanda.


Jessica Cangiano said...

Terrific job on the curtains, sweetie, they look really pretty! (As does your scrumptious vintage banana bread!)

Wishing you a serene and blissful weekend!
♥ Jessica

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Amanda! Your curtains look gorgeous! Great job! And your banana bread looks DEE-licious!
Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week!

BaronessVonVintage said...

I just got my AMAZING book. THANK YOU so much for such a generous blog giveaway gift. xoxo

Event said...

Thought you might like to see my flicker. All kinds of stuff you seem to like.


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