Tuesday, October 6, 2009

If You Are a Brunette: What about my Hair?

Continuing with Ruth Murrin's July 1938 article about lovely Brunette's from Good Housekeeping:

For the sake of contrast a brunette must get the full color value out of her hair. In order to keep it bright and shining, she must do a perfect job of brushing and shampooing.

Dust and dandruff show up badly on dark hair, and poor rinsing gives it a muddy tone. It is important not to let it become too dry, too, because that makes it look dull and stiff and light in color.

Brisk brush work every day, mild shampoos, brilliantine, and the most expert permanents are minimum requirements for dark hair inclined to be dry.

Amanda's Comments
I have do go with "poor brunettes" again. Sounds like tons of maintenance. And with the constant fear of "muddy hair". I happen to think brown hair is beautiful so I am not sure what Ruth's issues are. Perhaps she is a disgruntled brunette or something. Her picture appears in none of the issues I could find, and I was unable to find a picture of her in my usual places. What I think is way cool though, is if you Google Image search her with the terms beauty or Good Housekeeping, almost every single result is from my blog! Way cool!

I'd also like to say that not only Brunettes get dandruff. I think it's a skin type issue. I'm a redhead and my husband is blonde and because of our sensitive skin, we both have it (I know, gross but true). Also, about Brilliantine, it's basically an oil for hair, invented in about 1900 to soften male facial hair. Apparently Ruth believes a brunette's hair gets quite coarse.
P.S. - Sorry about all the Hedy Lamarr, but is there really a more stunning Brunette?

Next up: What about coloring?


avintagespirit (Lizzy) said...

Haha, I think you're right that she was a brunette and very bitter about it for some reason ;)
This is such an amusing pieces. Hehe, I hope my hair never looks muddy brown! Yikes ;)

Michelle said...

Muddy brown! AHHH!! I can't imagine what that looks like! LOL Man, do I have tough things to worry about or what! haha

Thanks for sharing the photos of Hedy...she is beautiful and now I have some new hair inspiration. ;-)

Witchcrafted Life said...

You cracked me up entirely, I wonder if the author was a brunette - or perhaps she'd grayed terribly early on and had it out for ladies with any colour at all to their locks ;D

Great post, sweetie - hope you have a splendid Thursday!
♥ Jessica


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