Friday, June 26, 2009

Vintage Inspiration June 25

Toasty Here in Minnesota. Super cold winters always lead to super hot summers, so I should have been ready for 93 degrees and humidity. My inspiration for today were the fabulous Fireman of Minneapolis in the 1920s and 1930s. I found a bunch of pics through MNHS of Fireman opening up the fire hydrants for a hot summer day. A nicer time in history.

I also want to know how this innovative family created their own wading pool in their backyard. And here I just sit and roast all day! Hmmm . . . how could I rig my tiny deck to hold enough water for a swimming pool. :)


DirtyDogPhotography said...

Such lovely photos, I am so down to make a pool like that in my own backyard. I am used to living on the beach but in texas I know its going to be really hot all summer. ♥

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, the kids look so happy and full of life!

The Fashion Bloggess said...

Oh that is sooo cute!
Great post
love the blog by the way


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