Sunday, June 7, 2009

My new Bibles

I came across some really cool books on Amazon and they are going to be my new bibles on my quest into the past. Trying to address my most pressing issues, House and Self.

The first book I have is How to Clean Everything by Alma Chesnut Moore. I have the 6th printing of the 1952 edition, so I am not sure if it is different with the original. I am absolutely certain there is info on how to clean everything. Hopefully this will get my house spick and span by the time my in-laws come for the 4th of July weekend (I might be a bit ambitious!)

To address the clothing and household sewing needs, I bought The Complete Book of Sewing by Constance Talbot. It was supposed to be the 1943 edition, but when I got it I found out it was the 1949 edition. I'm sure it's still good though. First on the list are curtains for the bedroom.

Last but not least is the bod. This calls for drastic measures. I enlisted the aid of a book by the illustrious Veronica Dengel. Apparently she was THE thing in the Forties. I'm not sure if that's true, because I can virtually no information about her except that she wrote this kind of material. Anyway, I purchased Personality Unlimited (aka The Beauty Blue Book). Hopefully this 1943 tome sill lead me to beauty fulfillment.

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