Friday, June 5, 2009

Kitchen Woes

Thinking about my kitchen, I tried to tackle the beast today. First on my list, dust behind the frig and stove. Unfortunately, this took me the bulk of the day. The previous owner had a wonderfully great idea. She put the appliances on moving wheels so you could just pull them in and out. Unfortunately, both the frig and stove fell off these while I was working on them. Just my luck! After wrestling with them for over 2 hours, I just waited for hubby to come home and save me. Unfortunately this also involved the stove falling on my finger. Now my index finger has a huge gash and is puffed up. Fabulous!

Once the major appliances were in place, I started tackling the built on grease on the stove. Soap and water didn't work, so I used those 3M Scotch-Brite Easy Eraser Pads. It took some rubbing, but all of the grease came off the stove, and most came off the grates. All in all, it is much better.

So a 1 hour task turned into a full day task. I really earned my Cadbury Crunchie today!

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